10 Hour Road Trip to Binghamton | Life in The FED Ep 10

We road the team bus 10 hours into the night into Binghamton, New York for a 2 game set with the Binghamton Black Bears. Here’s an inside look into our travel, morning skate, scratch life and what I do when I’m backing up. New vlogs every Sunday at 10am eastern 🙂

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00:00 Welcome back
00:17 10 hour bus ride to Binghamton, New York
00:38 Morning skate in Binghamton
02:25 Team meal, hotel and game 1
02:50 I got scratched
03:38 6-3 Loss in Game 1
03:58 Day 2 Breakfast and pregame
04:38 Game 2
06:00 Night in the life of a backup goalie
07:00 6-5 Shootout win

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