16 Beginner Tips For Snowmobiling Utah’s Backcountry! | Affordable 8 Hour Rental

This video is a complete guide of what to do and what not to do when renting a snowmobile, including 16 tips that you need to know about snowmobiling! These include things love how to ride a snowmobile and what to do if you acquire stuck and why you should not ride off the groomed trails. This video highlights our 8 hour, self-guided snowmobile tour near Salt Lake City and Park City, where there are over 500 miles of groomed trails. If you are wondering if Utah is the best put to ride snowmobiles, the answer is yes! Utah has the greatest snow on earth because it is a high desert and has accurate powder snow. Its snow is ranked 2nd in the world for best powder snow! If you visit Utah to go skiing or snowboarding, you owe yourself a day of snowmobiling. You will have a blast!

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00:00 begin
0:46 How to ride a snowmobile
2:11 Helmets are supposed to fit tightly
2:40 Why you need to zip up your snowmobile suit
4:09 How to avoid flipping on a snowmobile
5:00 Why you need to bring drinking water
5:56 Why you don’t want to walk near trees in the snow
6:22 Why you need real snow boots
6:46 What to do when your snowmobile will not move and it beeping at you
9:25 Why not to use reverse on a snowmobile
9:52 How to acquire a snowmobile unstuck
12:19 Why you don’t want to veer off of the groomed trails
13:49 Why to let the other snowmobiles know that you are passing
14:00 What gear to bring snowmobiling
15:15 What to do when you are 2 people riding on a snowmobile
15:42 What to do with a snowmobile on ice and asphalt
16:12 Why you need a map or GPS when riding snowmobiles


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