ADLEY the CAT DETECTiVE!! Cartoon Granny Lost her Cats! playing Roblox with Dad finding digital pets

Adley’s the Boss and we got Cats to Find!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are going to Grandma Betty’s house! Dad has been promising us that Niko and I can go for a while now and we are so excited! Grandma Betty loves a couple of things in this world… Playing with Niko and Me, watching A for Adley videos, and her cats! She has so many cats and they all have fun personalities! Before we got to her house, Grandma Betty was feeding and giving her cats a bath, the way that cats do… GROSS, but it’s ok we still love her!! When we got over to her house Niko and I ran in and gave her a big hug and a kiss! Dad was just going to drop us off but luckily I reminded him that we should show Grandma our new Cartoon from Spacestation Animation because she is in it!! She was so excited, so we all ran downstairs and got ready to watch our new cartoon! We settled in on the couch and turned on the cartoon!

Adley and her Dad are Cat Detectives! They are happy to answer the call from people who have lost their pets! Today they got a request from a sweet aged lady named Betty, to come to the house and find all of her cats. When the Detectives arrived at the house they were greeted and shown inside the mystery home! Betty let Adley and Dad know that she had ELEVEN CATS! But, one of her cats was special because it was a Unicorn Cat, AKA a Uni-Cat! Even though that is a big job for the Cat Detectives, Adley has a secret weapon up her sleeve! Her sense of smell! She can sniff out a cat from a mile away and she uses it to find the lost pets throughout the house! The detectives found cats on coat hangers, on the ceiling fan, under the couch, in the window, hiding in the cupboard, and even on some shelves! Sasta, Betty’s GIANT CAT, jumped on Adley’s Dad! Luckily he was just playing but it really surprised them! While Adley was following her nose she picked up on something that smelled love magic! She followed the scent and it led her directly to the Uni-Cat having a tea party! As Adley and her Dad were finishing up their job, Betty informed them that she also lost some “digital cats” on the computer and she was wondering if she could acquire some assist! Although Adley and her Dad are great at finding Cats in real life, they are even better at video games, so they were excited for the challenge! Adley and Dad went into the video game and started completing an obstacle course and finding cats all along the way! They were having so much fun, they almost forgot they were working! After gathering up all the cats Adley and her Dad went to acquire their money from Betty but Betty was taking a “cat nap”! Adley and Dad thought that was so funny and decided to head back to headquarters!

After watching their new family cartoon, Grandma Betty was so proud of our family! Niko, Dad, and I shared with her our most favorite parts of the video! Dad then told us that he needed to go to work and started saying goodbye, BUT I begged him to stay and show Grandma Betty our next cartoon! He really liked that thought and we pulled up our storyboards for our next cartoon “The Creative Cave” where it’s Fairy Adley and Pirate Dad on Pirate Island making art and sharing it with one another!! I love sharing our cartoons with all of our friends and I’m so happy that you love them!

Want to see the video we based this cartoon off of? – ADLEY CAT DETECTiVE 🐱 Granny Mom lost all her cats! and playing pet conceal n seek in Roblox with Dad

Spacestation Animation’s video –

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Best Day Ever Shorts –
Gaming with Adley Shorts –
Spacestation Animation –

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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