Adventures in Train Chasing 1990s, SP 4449, MILW 261, UP 844, Northern-Class 4-8-4, UP 3985 4-6-6-4

Adventures in Train Chasing 1990s, SP 4449, MILW 261, UP 844, Northern-Class 4-8-4, UP 3985 4-6-6-4!
Adventures in Train Chasing 1990s takes a fascinating look behind the scenes, to experience the joys of chasing and videotaping trains. This narrated documentary features famous steam locomotives such as Southern Pacific Daylight no. 4449, Milwaukee Road no. 261, Union Pacific no. 844, and UP Challenger no. 3985. Interviews with the camera crew intermingle with an historical perspective, detailing specific points about the railroads, trains and locomotives. Enjoy Erie E8 streamliners on New Jersey Transit, Chicago Metra commuter trains, the Ski Train on Colorado’s Moffat Tunnel Route, and the steam-powered Tennessee Pass Special through the majestic Rocky Mountains. Brave all weather and acquire stuck in the snow, railfanning from coast to coast, sampling late 20th Century American railroading at its best.

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