An easy to use Tap smartwatch displays time, steps, walking distance, calories burned, sleep hours, and measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.
It also has patent pending emergency medical alert function. User can make an emergency call and send SOS message with location information using paired smartphone to family, caregiver, neighbor or 911 by simply tapping Tap smartwatch.

AnyCARE smartphone app displays weekly, monthly and yearly trends of activities, sleep hours and heart rates. User can also record their blood pressure readings to keep it as the part of their health records. The emergency contact numbers can be entered by user during setup.

The purpose of AnyCARE Tap smartwatch and its solutions is to encourage seniors to take daily walk, pay attention to their physical parameters for early detection of any potential health problem and provide emergency medical alert connection in case of need.

One in four Americans seniors falls each year. 1 in 5 falls causes a serious injury like broken bones or a head injury. More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling. It is necessary to provide immediate help to fallen seniors with effective communications, which will  minimize the time-to-hospital to receive proper medical attention timely manner. 
Conventional method of making a call is not a problem for regular people under normal circumstance. But for older people, who sustained injury after fall due to an accident or chronic health conditions, such as stroke, heart disease or dementia, may not have the phone nearby or may not be able to make the necessary call to get immediate help when they can’t move.

The gradual physical changes of aging and medical conditions increase fall risk for seniors. It’s not possible to prevent all falls. But it’s possible to take actions that will reduce the chance of bad fall. If seniors take care of their overall health, they may be able to lower the chances of falling. Continuing to walk will improve strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance for seniors. However, many seniors become less active and fall to a negative cycle, where less activities leads to less strength and balance that leads to even less activities as their physical abilities keep declining.

We hope to make positive impact for healthy ageing with AnyCARE solutions.
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