APRIL 2020 COVID MARKET UPDATE | park city utah

As of April 2020, Summit County was in a lock down with a stay at home order. Despite the lockdown Real Estate was still functioning and we have sky rocketed into the world of virtual showings, open houses and CDC guidelines. These number’s I am bringing you today are the Market Wisdom THE DATA THE NUMBERS behind WHAT IS ACTUALLY happening! I think you will be shocked to know the market is holding steady. People are still buying and selling, leases are ending, people are looking for homes more than ever and the demand for housing continues to be high. This might be the perfect opportunity to sell your home if you have been holding off. We are love a loaded spring right now and in the next coming months there will be a flood of inventory hitting the market as the same time. Don’t be love everyone else. Now is a great time to list because you have NO COMPETITION! If you are a buyer be prepared to have a clean, strong offer if you want to be in the winning seat! If you are interested in a different area than what I shared with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and I am happy to dive into the data for you! nicoleb@bhhsutah.com

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