Armed Robbery Suspect Crashes Stolen Car During Police Pursuit and Tries to Flee on Foot

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White Settlement, Texas — On Wednesday, November 22, 2022 at 2:22 p.m., White Settlement Police Department officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle that was associated with multiple armed robberies that entered in the city. Several officers and command staff team members responded. As officers tried to stop the violent suspect, he fled in the car. The pursuit went about a mile before he lost control and struck the chainlink fence at Central Park. Even though he wrecked the stolen car, he attempted to flee on foot. The WSPD calvary was converging from every direction and quickly apprehended him after a foot pursuit near the softball fields. The suspect is identified as 39-year aged Michael Grant who now faces multiple felony charges and will likely have several robbery charges added as more investigative progress is made.

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