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Awesome Chile facts. Population: 19 million people live in Chile (2022). Capital: Santiago, with almost 7 million inhabitants is the country’s largest metropolitan area. Name: Republic of Chile. Government: Democracy, Republic. Language: Spanish. Literacy: More than 97% of the people can read and write. Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 77%, Protestants 16%). Currency: 1 Chilean peso. National Symbols: red, white and blue (national colours), copihue (national flower), condor (national bird) and huemul (national animal). National Anthem: “Himno Nacional de Chile” (Anthem of Chile). National Day: 18 September. History: The country was inhabited by the Inca in the North and the Mapuche people in the centre and southern parts before the arrival of the Spanish colonialists. The country gained full independence from Spain in 1810. Chile’s president-elect is Gabriel Boric who will take office from 11 March 2022. The country was led by Sebastián Piñera since March 2018 prior to the November 2021 election. Where is Chile? Chile is located on the South American continent. The Latin American country shares borders with the Pacific Ocean and the three South American countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The longest of the borders is shared with Argentina and is 6,691 km/ 4,157 miles long. big parts of Chile are covered by mountains. The coastal mountain range are along the western coastline and the Andes mountains are located along the border with Argentina. Chile is home to the world’s largest dry desert: the Atacama Desert. This desert plateau is nestled between the coastal mountains and the Andes mountains. There are about 3,000 volcanoes in Chile and about 36 of them are active volcanoes. Chile is often shaken by earthquakes. The climate in Chile is mostly temperate with a desert climate in the northern parts of the country and there is a cool climate in the South. Chile is larger in size than Texas/USA and has almost 6,500 km/ 4,038 miles of mainly rugged coastline. A flight from London/UK to Santiago/Chile takes roughly 14.5 hours and from New York/USA a flight takes 10.5 hours. Chile is the longest narrow country in the world stretching from the north to the south over 4,300 km/ 2,670 miles. The Atacama desert in the country’s north is the largest dry desert in the world. The Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean coast is the most remote inhabited island of the world. The southern Andes mountains are home to the world’s highest volcano and the world’s highest lake which is called the Ojos de Salado. Chile’s highest mountain, which is in fact the peak of a volcano, is the Nevado Ojos de Salado. The mountain is 6,880 m/ 22,572 ft high. Chile’s longest river is the Loa River which originates in the Andes mountains. Torres del Paine national park is one the most famous landmarks of Chile. The strongest earthquake ever measured happened in 1960 in Valdivia/Central Chile. It had a magnitude of 9.4 on the Richter scale. Santiago: Chile’s capital city houses the Gran Torre which is the tallest building in South America with 64 floors. Gran Torre means ‘big tower’ in English. Here you will find also the Costanera Centre, then there is Pablo Neruda’s house and popular Parque Arauco. Santiago de Chile – capital city of Chile with Gran Torre building and snowy Andes mountains Valparaiso: The town close to Santiago is usually referred to simply as Valpa. It is known for its colorful houses. Torres del Paine National Park: A must-see for its awesome glaciers and great for hiking in the mountains. Easter Islands, also called Rapa Nui, is famous for the magnificent statues, which are called moais. Atacama desert: Valle de la Luna, which means ‘Moon Valley’ in English is famous for the salt pans. You must also plan in to visit the Atacama cave and go sand-boarding in San Pedro de Atacama. Vina del Mar and Alfonso del Mar are fantastic, as this is where you find the largest swimming pool in the world. Even boats can move in the 35 m/ 115 ft deep lagoon pool. Skiing in El Colorado in Chile: This is where we go skiing or snowboarding in the Andes mountains. El Colorado is only 60 km/ 37 miles from the city of Santiago. The ski resort is part of the popular Tres Valles ski resorts! Three out of four Chileans live in central Chile, in the region between Copiapo and Conception. The majority of Chileans (85%) live in urban areas. About 7 million people live in the metropolitan region of Santiago. Other big cities in Chile are Valparaiso, and Concepcion. Most Chileans are of mixed Spanish and native American ancestry, however, today only 30% refer to being mestizo (of mixed ancestry) and 11% refer to belonging to indigenous groups. and more… .
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