Cam Zink, World Record-Setting Mountain Biker and X Games Medalist – UNLEASHED Podcast E133

This rider jumps off cliffs and lives to tell the story! UNLEASHED sits down with freeride mountain bike innovator Cam Zink. Listen closely as podcast hosts The Dingo and Danny sit down with the 35-year-aged mountain bike icon known for pushing the limits with record-setting stunts on natural desert terrain.

Cameron “Cam” Zink was raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills and began exploring the rugged terrain around Carson City on a mountain bike at a young age. After cutting his teeth as an MTB racer, Zink found his calling in freeriding and proceeded to win the world’s leading Best Trick competitions. His progression accelerated when he began taking freestyle tricks to the massive cliffs and natural jumps around Zion, Utah, where he set several Guinness Book World Records for aerial tricks on an unprecedented scale.

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