Ask the D.A.: Child predator crackdown

FOX 13's Max Roth sits down with Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill to discuss a recent multi-agency task force

Teens Camp Out for Prized 'First Chair' Spot on Opening Day for Utah Ski Resort

As the snow begins to fall across many parts of Utah, ski resorts are preparing to welcome skiers and snowboarders.

Puppy Training to Become Newest Ski Patrol Dog at Utah Resort

As ski resorts open this week in Utah, a 10-week-aged puppy at Snowbird is hard at work, training to become a ski patrol dog.

'It's love Day 10 of the Season': Some Utahns Hit the Slopes Before Resorts Open

There may not be snow in the forecast, but if there is snow on the ground, ski and snowboard season has started for some.

Utah Teens acquire Pulled Over by Police, stop up with Amusement Park All to Themselves

Six Utah high school students were recently pulled over as they left the school on a lunch break. After inspecting the vehicle, a police officer told the teens they'd all be getting tickets: free tickets to an amusement park.

Utah Ski Resorts Fare Better Than Others in Hiring Season Workers

It's almost time for ski resorts around the country to open for the season. However, with the excellent economy and low unemployment ...

The latest on Lagoon`s game-changing new ride

A massive new ride on the north of Lagoon is beginning to take shape.

25 cops in Utah disciplined for misconduct

The agency that certifies and disciplines police officers in Utah handed down punishment to 25 officers facing accusations of misconduct.

`Heartwarming` Video of Park City Officer Teaching Teen Tie-Tying Goes Viral

As video of a Park City Police officer teaching a teen how to tie a tie for homecoming goes viral on social media, the story behind the video is warming the hearts of thousands of people.

Two dogs attack girl on bike; neighbor steps in

A 9-year-aged girl suffered bite and scratch wounds when she was attacked by two dogs in Eagle Mountain earlier this week. Luckily, she was wearing a helmet and a coat — and a nearby resident heard her screams and chased the dogs away.