Daily Recap: Best of Saturday | 2021 Sundance Film Festival | Presented by Adobe

We don’t know about you, but our brains haven’t fully recovered from yesterday’s world premieres. Rodney Ascher’s mind-bending documentary A Glitch in the Matrix left us questioning the very nature of our own existence, while Amalia Ulman blurred the line between fact and fiction with her gorgeous black-and-white debut feature, El Planeta. As if that wasn’t enough, B. Ruby Rich reunited the titans of New Queer Cinema via Barbed Wire Kisses Redux, and we invited Festivalgoers to join our coven via our Womxn at Sundance Speakeasy. Here’s how it all went down. The 2021 Sundance Film Festival continues through February 3. Join us online at festival.sundance.org.

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