DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND skiing in utah | ALONE on a 10,000 ft peak

I skied double black diamonds off of Jupiter and Jupiter Peak in Park City, Utah. I only recommend skiing them in you are an expert. I went alone, but always see if you can have a buddy with you for safety. The peaks were 9,998 ft and 10,028 ft, respectively.

The view of Park City from the peaks was absolutely incredible. If you are at the skill level to ski double blacks, I highly recommend checking them out.

I took these chair lifts to acquire there: Crescent Express to Bonanza to Pioneer to Jupiter.

eps. 5
00:00 adrenaline
00:59 my ski plan
01:31 go pro and other gear
02:15 the journey to Jupiter
03:45 skiing Jupiter
05:51 hiking to Jupiter Peak
08:39 finding an abandoned mine
08:55 a view of Jupiter Peak
10:39 skiing back to Park City base
11:16 don’t be afraid
12:07 I’d move to Park City


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