EXTREME TUBING at Olympic Park in Park City, UT

Check out all the incredible extreme activities at Olympic Park in Park City, Utah. This is my experience doing the extreme tubing down the K64 and K90 ski jumps.

Check out all the extreme activities Olympic Park offers here:

I went on a beautiful Saturday at 1pm and only waited about 15 minutes for each ride. Skip the lift hill and hike up – it’ll save you about an hour per ride.

In case you’re wondering, you begin at the top of the landing hill, so you begin below the actual jump. K64 and K90 refer to the distance (in meters) from the jump (our starting point) to that horizontal red line – 64 meters or 90 meters from the jump, respectively – the spot where skiers are anticipated to land.

The first one (K64) is fun. But the K90 is substantially more exciting. It’s a lot faster. You can probably tell by my reaction after each ride. So if you go, definitely do the K90 as your second ride.

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