[First and Foremost] Vol II: First Week in Vancouver

Hi everyone, this is my first time vlogging so I decided to be brave and vlog my trip to Vancouver in a 5 (?)-part series named, First and Foremost.
The music in my intro song is linked here (not sure if it’s the original one): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvY9XABhNuA I have zero intentions of copyrighting, I just really enjoy the OST.
I hope the audio issues have been resolved, the video sounds okay on my stop 🙂

Here are my socials if you’d love to follow me/acquire to know me elsewhere:
@awfullyhrucha on both Instagram and Twitter

Enjoy Vol II! Vol III is a special cut of one of the longest and best days I’ve had in BC and a shorter video hopefully, stay tuned. Thanks for watching and supporting!

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