Friday night entertainment Beaver Creek

This short is a video of our Friday evening in Beaver Creek during the winter. We have been able to do a family ski trip to Beaver Creek Colorado every year since 1999 (except for March 2020). On this particular trip I flew my girlfriend and her daughter out at the stop of our family trip. My folks have a time share in the Beaver Creek village and the balcony is directly above the village and we had a wonderful seat to this live entertainment.

This guy in the video was balancing on a ball, juggling and the emcee of the entire event! Its quite impressive to do all these three things at the same time. My girlfriends daughter was 5 in this video and she absolutely loved the event. Beaver Creek village is wonderful for families and children.

On this particular trip I didn’t use any points or miles as my parents purchased a time share in Beaver Creek back in 1999 and we have done family ski trips there since this time. Even though I didn’t have to use points we still flew 1904 miles total and earned 4790 miles/points for this roundtrip flight LA – Vail and back.

I acquire the Epic Local ski pass every year and this pass gives me access to multiple resorts which Vail Resorts owns. I usually ski Heavenly Lake Tahoe, Park City Utah, Beaver Creek Colorado and Vail, Colorado.

I live in LA so traveling to the western mountains is quite simple, one hour flight to Lake Tahoe, one hour flight to Park City and only a two hour flight to Denver.

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