[FULL] THE DAILY REPORT : S. Korea's defense minister to hold bilateral meetings on Fri. with …

▪ S. Korea’s defense minister to hold bilateral meetings on Fri. with countries including China at Shangri-la Dialogue

▪ S. Korea urged countries in the region to deliver stronger message for N. Korea’s denuclearization

▪ Yoon to attend NATO summit in Madrid this month, first trip overseas as S. Korea’s leader

▪ Yoon shows unconventional communication style since taking office

▪ S. Korean gov’t to conduct analysis on the causes and symptoms of “Long-COVID”

▪ S. Korea’s balance of trade sees US$ 80 mil. deficit in April, first deficit in 2 years

▪ One out of five items in South Korea saw prices rise more than 10% y/y in May

▪ BOK Governor hints of additional rate hikes, warning vulnerable households are at risk

▪ Countries worldwide to face poor crop harvests due to dry weather

▪ Russia reportedly has almost full control over Ukraine’s eastern city of Severodonetsk


▪ Yongsan Park opens to public for first time in 120 years

▪ Third stage of S. Korea’s homegrown Nuri space rocket attached ahead of June 15 launch

▪ K-animation In global spotlight

▪ World News: Two Britons, one Moroccan captured in Ukraine war sentenced to death in pro-Moscow separatist court

▪ Highs will reach 30 degrees, showers for inland regions

* 2022-06-10, 14:00 (KST)

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