Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados shares her thoughts on being an advocate of change in a resistant society. She also gives her take on various matters including the call-out culture on social media, and goes into detail about her elderly care advocacy.

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  1. Jezreil Porcal

    Top 10 lang cguro sya at di aabot sa top 5 kung ganyan sya sumagot sa close door interview di sya papasa. Even sa job interview hindi sya papasa. Meee sorry to say. Proud pa rin Gazini

  2. Alejandro Florentino Jr

    Tito boy is so talino talaga

  3. Alfie Bart

    i love her!!! she's a fighter and i can see it in her eyes!!!!

  4. Jeff Tors

    It's highly recommended to use your own language than using a language which you're not comfortable.

  5. Jem Denver P.

    tito Boy .. whats the problem with you… for so being AUTHENTIC.

  6. eyang be

    If its happen back2back title its a history in our country! Im just hoping for gazini not to be pressure just enjoy the process
    No matter what happened your still my miss universe manalo matalo sobrang ganda mo 😘😂

  7. GS

    All I can say is "Cat is in a different level" Even at 80% to 90% of Cats level will do her good 👍
    She need to learn more and grow more. 💪

    Importantly she need to be more Eloquent in answering the questions because most of the time that what win us Miss Universe like what Cat did. 😉

  8. rob

    Catriona still by far the best well spoken Miss Universe that Philippines ever produce but nonetheless I am still rooting for Gazini to win Miss Universe. Hoping for a back to back win.

  9. Jannele Zayco

    I just love watching her answer those questions. Brave and confident yet calm. Go Gazini 💕


    Asan na mga bashers niya na nagsasabing di siya magaling sumagot sa eng?

  11. lindl taylor

    I bet some MU 2019 contestants watch this episode of bottomline to get some tips in q & a

  12. nico jan bautista

    What's good about her is, she actively listens and she answers wholeheartedly.

  13. Jaymina Soriano

    Galiiiing Coach Boy Abunda!!!👏👏👏 God bless Gazini,i'll be praying for you dear.😍

  14. loveng mom

    Naluluha aq sa advocacy ni gazini bilang anak at ina pngarap natin maalagaan ang mahal natin sa buhay pagtanda at lahat nmn tau tatanda…

  15. Xue Li

    Tito boy you are really smart. I love Gazini Go Gaz!


    Ang hihirap ng mga tanong, those bashing her try to answer it in a good way better than her.. Or most likely u cant even answer it the way she does.
    So proud of Gaz, shes really soaring high.. She trained a lot.

  17. Pobreng Kuting

    Sariling opinion ko ito.
    Parang hindi sya masyadong confident kahit sa pag answer the questions.local pa lang yan ng tatanong.
    Wag kayong mglit.yan kase nakikita ko.

  18. Jupith Orillo

    The Tone is not convincing. She knows how to answer but how you will convince the people to believe in what you are saying is different. The tone is very shaky

  19. Koya Bim

    Ang galing ni Tito Boy mag coach and Gazini is so satisfying to watch!


    Mejo kalat un answer….biglang entra si Phoenix. Push pa teh


    Tito Boy, pwedeng interpreter ka na lang para planchado ang sagot hahahaha

  22. Ughlexis

    Sana maging pambato din natin sa ms u si tito boy

  23. Lez

    Tito Boy should join Miss Universe hahaha, he answer and speak very well napapanganga nalang ako sa kanya e

  24. Aristotle Nanola

    Ikaw na Tito Boy….mas deserve mo ang korona dahil sa Q & A mentoring mo 🙂