Hiroshima Skiing and Snowboarding at Osorakan Snow Park (Akiota Town)

Did you know you can enjoy snow in Hiroshima? Visit Osorakan Snow Park, where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding just an hour and a half drive from Hiroshima City! You’d be surprised to find how much it snows down in Hiroshima. Every winter, people from Kansai and Kyushu flock to one of the region’s most popular ski resorts for winter fun. It snows an average of 1.5 meters a year.

At the stop of the day, relax at Ikoi no Mura, the closest hotel to Mt. Osorakan. There’s a hot bath available for guests and day trippers. Enjoy local cuisine including Hiroshima’s famous oysters. There are also several minshuku inns around the Sandankyo Gorge where Osorakan Snow Park is located.

Osorakan Snow Park is an hour and a half drive from Hiroshima City, where the Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Dome memorial is located. Don’t leave without trying the regional favorite Hiroshima-Yaki.

If you’ve always wanted to explore Hiroshima but also squeeze in a few days of riding, be sure to check out Osorakan Snow Park. See you there!

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