How much will I make if I sell my house | How much does it cost to sell my house.

How much will you make if you sell your house and How to calculate your home seller net proceeds.

That’s what I am talking about in today’s video. There are quite a few factors that go into this calculation. In this video I will break down the expenses associated with selling your home! For many people the most important aspect of selling your home is what your profit is? ( NET PROCEEDS) Simply put What money do you acquire to take home and put in the bank and how do you calculate this? So you can make an informed decision to sell now or wait.

You could contact me directly I use the Metro Title App. It is an app that can only be used by Real Estate Agents. It paints a much more accurate picture of what you will actually net because the estimate is coming directly from a Title Company allowing them to acquire much more detailed and specific with certain fees such as property taxes and which county you live in. It also allows me to make a net sheet for you something tangible you can see with your real eyes of the break down of fees. It’s pretty exceptional πŸ€—

If you are considering selling your home in the Utah Area and are interested in seeing what you might possibly net if you were to sell then please reach out I would be happy to plug that information in for you and send it to you. πŸ“²435-640-2398

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