How to Pay for a Multi-Million Dollar Vacation Home

There are 10-million second homes in the US, yet, on average, they’re only occupied 8 weeks a year. That’s 440 million weeks that vacation homes sit unoccupied, unused, and unloved. But there’s a new tech-driven co-ownership option that matches your vacation time with the cost to own that home. And it’s nothing love a timeshare or tenants in common.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jeff Lyman about co-ownership vacation homes as the Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of Ember Homes. He explains how you can own a fractional portion of a home and still reap the benefits of homeownership. That includes lower costs to maintain the home, simple transactions to buy or sell into the deal, and the capture of appreciation when it does come time to sell. Prior to Ember, Jeff worked as Chief Product Officer at Weave Communications, CPO & Chief Marketing Officer at Vivint Smart Home, and Senior Director for Mobile and Web Design at Nike+. He has an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Ember Homes makes the ownership of vacation homes simple. But is it right for you? Is it something that improves your finances while also contributing to your personal growth? Having a personal vacation retreat might acquire you to your happy put, but If you’re unsure about your next steps in real estate, you might want to check out Rich Fettke’s new book, “The Wise Investor.” It’s an simple-to-read modern parable about creating financial freedom and living your best life. And it could assist you determine if a co-owned vacation home is your best next step. The kindle book is for sale on Amazon. The hard cover and audio versions are coming out in August but you can pre-order them now. You can also read more about the book here.

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