I saw the ‘WARNING’ but went anyway! windy, rainy, snowy SOLO winter camping | JEEP adventure : UTAH

This week – a beautiful autumn day turns intense as cold wind, rain and snow move into the UTAH mountain range. Join Curtis on @offroad801 as a WINTER wonderland moves in – on this backcountry (2 night) SOLO tent camping adventure. He’s traveling in the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and next to his favorite ski resort – Beaver Mountain.
: It’s the first winter storm of the season, and he’s taking us to see it. Hopefully he doesn’t acquire stuck and have to call Search & Rescue – that would NOT be fun…So he’ll do his best to avoid that. At 8500 ft. elevation – you never know what’ll happen and can be pretty INTENSE (BUT maybe this early begin will assist us acquire out of our drought) fingers crossed…
:This is opening weekend for the deer hunt, so it’s uncertain if he’ll be able to find a camping spot at all. He tried to acquire me (Chantel) to go with him – but I said NO WAY!! He traveled in on the Franklin Basin Rd. and then turned off on the Beaver Creek Rd.
He’s starting to feel the cold weather moving in at this point – and since he’s a ‘snow junkie’ also, he can’t wait to see how much snow will actually fall this weekend. He’ll acquire camp set up first – gather some firewood, eat dinner, then head to the TENT before to long, because it’s getting REAL cold now..
: Next morning – Oct 22, 2022 ol’ man WINTER has arrived!! He needs a fire ASAP and when the fun begins 🙂 Getting out will be the real challenge..

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Curtis and Chantel

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