If Not Now, Then When?

Winter 2020-2022 in Epekwitk

Wistful- Cat Soup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrsK2pOU-pU
Tailwhip Revisited- Men I Trust https://youtu.be/E1fYznudCLs
ALONGWAYTOGO- Gang Starr https://youtu.be/rLKmXovPVP8
Bugs Bunny- Los Bitchos https://youtu.be/cZREYkLGaaA
Burnt Sienna and Avocado- Emperor Penguin https://youtu.be/RiDYTG_7zj0
Rolling- Two9 https://youtu.be/IdWs-PNjk2w
The Word II- Shigeo Sekito https://youtu.be/Q8oS_B6IaKE
Althea- The Grateful Dead https://youtu.be/ZZNZgtj26Fk
Stonefruit- Armand Hammer https://youtu.be/4S3gEfqPQlM

00:00 Intro
01:56 Jordan Condon
05:29 Andrew Dooks
06:47 Interlude
07:08 Willem Slauenwhite
07:36 Haley Cole
09:05 Jared Perry
12:01 Dennis Park
12:33 Ted Park
13:05 Nat Baker
16:14 Chad Sanderson
19:29 Credits
23:15 Crash

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