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Season 02, Episode 09 – This might have been the sickest powder day at Jupiter at Park City resort I have ever had! Definitely a top 05 day! They reported 9 inches overnight and I always know that means way more up top at Jupiter! I don’t know if it was wind blown or what, but 9 inches seemed to ski love 16! The Park City snow gods were definitely in full effect because Saturday was epic!

The lines were a bit rough at Jupiter for most of the day, but understandbly so! We still managed to find fresh tracks on nearly every single lap which is just bonkers!

Thanks for watching squad!! Stay stoked!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Thank you
1:14 breakfast
1:44 whats in my bag?
4:03 getting up there
5:27 INSANE rope drop
7:29 SO DEEP
12:24 MRI time
13:26 naked naked
14:07 dinner time!
15:10 stoke squad

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Vlog Lens: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
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Luna is my 2013 self-converted sprinter van that I travel around in and experience all that life has to offer!

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