Intense floods excellent, bad for Capitol Reef National Park

On Wednesday, Capitol Reef National park in southern Utah received more than an inch of rain in just over 24 hours. That may not seem love a lot, but it resulted in flash flooding throughout the park.

“And you have to remember, we only acquire an average of eight inches a year and last year was the tenth driest on record at not even five inches,” said Lori Rome, Capitol Reef’s Chief of Interpretation. “So, that one inch of rain in one day, in a few hours, can lead to a lot of changes in the park.”

Rome said the flooding is both excellent and bad. excellent because it helps to regenerate soil and maintain delicate ecosystems in the area.

“It’s regenerative, she added, “and of course we acquire moisture going back into the system and that’s excellent!”

But the flooding can make serious hazards for park visitors.


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