Jury decides Gwyneth Paltrow is not at fault for 2016 Utah ski collision

(30 Mar 2023)

Park City, Utah – 30 March 2023
1. Various, Gwyneth Paltrow arrives in courtroom prior to verdict being read
2. Medium of Paltrow and attorney Steve Owens as Judge Kent Holmberg announces verdict will be read

3. UPSOUND (English) Clerk and Judge Kent Holmberg:
“Was Gwyneth Paltrow at fault? No. Was Gwyneth Paltrow’s fault a cause of Terry Sanderson’s harm?”
Holmberg: “There’s just no response there.”
Clerk: “Was Terry Sanderson at fault? Yes. Was Terry Sanderson’s fault a cause? Gwyneth Paltrow did Terry Sanderson’s fault cause Gwyneth Paltrow’s harm? Yes. Comparative fault. What percent of the fault do you assign to Terry Sanderson? 100%. Damages. What amount fairly commensurate, compensates Gwyneth Paltrow for economic damages. One dollar. Signed March 30th, 2023.”

4. UPSOUND (English) Judge Kent Holmberg: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this trial is finished. Thank you for your service. The American system of justice relies on your time and your sound judgment, and you have been generous with both. You serve justice by your just and impartial decision. I hope you found the experience rewarding. You may now talk about this case with anyone you love. You may be contacted by the press or by the lawyers. You do not have to talk to them or with anyone else. But you may. The choice is entirely yours. I turn now to the lawyers. And to the press and ask them to honor your wishes. If you say that you do not want to talk about the case.”

5. UPSOUND (English) Judge Kent Holmberg and Steve Owens, attorney for Gwyneth Paltrow:
Holmberg: “I appreciate the professionalism that all the attorneys have shown and the parties. So thank you. This court is now adjourned. Thank you.”
5. UPSOUND (English) Steve Owens, attorney for Gwyneth Paltrow, ”
“My client slip out before?”
Holmberg: “Yes. Everyone remain seated while the parties leave.”
Owens (off-camera): “I’m going to make a fast statement. Miss Paltrow is not going to be making a statement today.”
Holmberg: “So you can make the statement outside. Mr. Owens.”
Owns: “I will do that.”
6. Various, Paltrow leaves courtroom , touches Sanderson’s shoulder, and leans in

Gwyneth Paltrow won her court battle over a 2016 ski collision at a posh Utah ski resort after a jury decided Thursday (30MARCH2023) that the movie star wasn’t at fault for the crash.

A jury dismissed the complaint of a retired optometrist who sued Paltrow over injuries he sustained when the two crashed on a beginner run at Deer Valley ski resort, siding with Paltrow after eight days of live-streamed courtroom testimony that made the case a pop culture fixation.

“I felt that acquiescing to a false claim compromised my integrity,” Paltrow said in a statement released by her representatives. She also thanked the judge and jury for their work.

As Paltrow left court she touched Sanderson’s shoulder and said, “I wish you well,” Sanderson told reporters outside the courthouse. He responded, “Thank you dear.”

Her attorney, Steve Owens, added in a statement he read outside court that “Gwyneth has a history of advocating for what she believes in – this situation was no different and she will continue to stand up for what is right.”

Worldwide audiences followed the celebrity trial as if it were episodic television. Viewers scrutinized both Paltrow and Sanderson’s motives while attorneys directed questions to witnesses that often had less to do with the collision and more to do with their client’s reputations.

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