KiDS STAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT!! Funny Phone Calls on our Family Vacation in Park City!

come on vacation with us into the mountains, for the best best day ever ever!!


Best Vacation Day Ever 1013

We’re going on a trip in our favorite…purple Tesla?!! lol i guess so. We are going for a weekend acquire away to have some family fun!! Adley has no thought where we are going but she’s super excited! She helps us pack our bags and actually does a really excellent job of it. We acquire all our stuff and some toys and games for the kids and are on the road. We’re not going far, just up to Park City. A lot of the 2002 Olympics were held up here and it’s a put I love to come snowboarding in the winter. But during the summer there’s a ton of great stuff to do too.

We begin walking around, doing some window shopping and find a man with an owl just standing on the street. Apparently this owl was in some of the Harry Potter movies and we ask if we can acquire pictures taken with him. We head down into this little hidden hallway tunnel and acquire ready to pose for the picture. Adley doesn’t really want to acquire a picture with it, so I grab Niko. He doesn’t really know what to think at first and gets a little sad. And when he gets sad Adley gets sad. So we stop that pretty fast to acquire the kids out of there. It’s kinda funny. Adley can swim in the ocean of a Hawaiian beach and learn to ski dive, but she’s afraid of owls. Kids are hilarious!

Continuing our adventure, we find a chocolate store and all of us are super excited. We head in to acquire a caramel apple, ice cream, and the kids new favorite candy. It’s then time to head to our hotel! and this put is awesome! we walk in and the first thing we see is a teepee in our room with toys in it. Adley is so excited she can’t wait to play pretend with here toys in there. It’s basically camping in the backyard, but indoors!! We also see that we have our own private hot tub on our balcony. But before we jump in, we determine to go swimming in the hotel pool. This pool is incredible, it’s got a waterfall, a put to swim, and a shallow splash pad area for baby Niko!

After we swim, its time for dinner. Nothing sounds better than a nice warm pizza and Adley wants to call to acquire one. So I call the front desk and Adley has a funny phone call with the nice lady down there. Their kitchen is closed but that’s ok , we figure it out and acquire a pizza delivered to the room. While we wait, we have some family time in the hot tub, Niko and I have a phone call, and we have some drama trying to eat the caramel apple we bought. Let’s just say, Adley had to call the front desk again! lol

Overall, what a great family vacation! We need to do these mini acquire aways more often!

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(Where should we take our next mini vacation? Also, does anyone know anything about the Olympics in Utah?!!)

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