Man suing Gwyneth Paltrow to testify in Utah ski crash trial

(27 Mar 2023)
Park City, Utah, 27 March 2023
1. UPSOUND (English) James Egan, attorney:
“I do not see any videos there. Were there any to your memory, GoPro or other videos posted on this web page?”
UPSOUND (English) Craig Ramone, Terry Sanderson’s skiing partner:
UPSOUND (English) James Egan, attorney:
“And then and I believe you’re unaware of any GoPro footage at all, is that correct?”
UPSOUND (English) Craig Ramone, Terry Sanderson’s skiing partner:
UPSOUND (English) James Egan, attorney:
“And in that note, you write, Terry did not know his name. I asked Terry what his name was and he did not know. But I believe you told the jury last week that he did remember his name.”
UPSOUND (English) Craig Ramone, Terry Sanderson’s skiing partner:
“It was, he had to really think hard about it. Took love four or 5 seconds for him to to remember his name.”
UPSOUND (English) James Egan, attorney:
“But that’s not what you wrote here. You wrote here. Terry did not know his name.”
UPSOUND (English) Craig Ramone, Terry Sanderson’s skiing partner:
“When I first asked him, he didn’t know his name. He had to really think about it.”
UPSOUND (English) James Egan, attorney:
“I asked Terry what his name was and he did not know.”
UPSOUND (English) Craig Ramone, Terry Sanderson’s skiing partner:
“Yeah, when I asked him, he. He didn’t. Didn’t know his name. And then he he just took some time to kind of just think about it. And then he, you know, after about four or 5 seconds, he just said, Terry.”

The man suing Gwyneth Paltrow over a 2016 skiing collision at one of the most upscale resorts in North America is expected to take the stand Monday as the closely watched trial goes into its second week.

Attorneys said Friday that retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, 76, would likely testify first on Monday (27 MARCH 2023), before his attorneys rest and hand the Utah courtroom over to Paltrow’s defence team to make their case. Paltrow’s attorneys are expected to call her two children — Moses and Apple — and a ski instructor who was present the day of the collision.

Sanderson is suing Paltrow for more than $300,000, claiming she skied recklessly into him from behind on a beginner ski slope, breaking four of his ribs and causing head trauma that manifested as post-concussion syndrome after the crash. Paltrow has countersued for $1 and attorney fees, alleging Sanderson was at fault and veered into her from behind.

After Paltrow testified Friday that the collision began when Sanderson’s skis zoomed between her legs, attorneys will likely question Sanderson on his recollections. Craig Ramon, the sole eyewitness of the crash, testified that he heard a loud scream and saw Paltrow hit Sanderson, causing his skis to fly up into the air before he plummeted down in a “spread eagle” position.

Attorneys will probably ask Sanderson about the post-concussion symptoms that medical experts and his doctors testified to last week. Paltrow’s attorneys are also expected to ask about his references to the actor-turned-lifestyle influencer’s fame and whether the lawsuit amounts to an attempt to exploit it.

The amount of money at stake for both sides pales in comparison to the typical legal costs of a multiyear lawsuit, private security detail and expert witness-heavy trial.


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