We have started it!

One Life Foundation Inc., and Happy Homes has stirred the still waters. As Project: Happy Homes steadily moves forward, we can clearly see the realization of an established residential community for families with special-need members and also the elderly. It is the first in the Philippines and would surely be replicated since it aims to ease the burden of worried families living with their developmentally-challenged children. Moreover, it will surely benefit each member as the mission is to provide continuous care and support to create a fulfilling community life, administered by Co-Resident Service-Providers (RSP): teachers, therapists, nurses, caregivers, and service paraprofessionals. Happy Homes community is one of the more innovative solutions to address the growing needs of PWDs as they grow old; and even the elderly, as they further advance into their senior years. Happy Homes have established partnerships with both local and international NGOs for income-generating and employment opportunities for families and PWDs within and outside the community, while financial savings schemes will be available to every resident for needs sustenance.

“The Orange Apron Day” is the Happy Homers’ traditional way of keeping the bond that holds us together. Watch out for the next OAD. We will be happy to celebrate OAD with you!

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