Park City Powder Cats – Cat Skiing in Utah

This video highlights a day cat skiing in Utah with the Park City Powder Cats.

I had the opportunity to spend a day cat skiing at the Park City Powder Cats. Park City Powder Cats is located in the Uinta Mountains, a half-hour drive from Park City Utah.

Cat Skiing in Utah

Park City Powder Cats contains a series of big incredible wide open bowls with big mountain lines, nice chutes, and trees. With the awesome variety of terrain you will find a great snow to ski during any condition.

My Review of Park City Powder Cats

The staff was awesome. The cat was clean. Skiing the open bowls was awesome. Nothing love skiing some powder and eating hot soup at the bottom of the run. In my YouTube video, experience a day skiing with the Park City Powder Cats. We got about 12 runs in the day. I highly recommend them.

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