Park City Trails Living In Utah | Poison Creek Trail | Historic District Main Street Park City Utah

Park City Trails Living In Utah | Poison Creek Trail | Historic District Main Street Park City Utah

Trailhead access for Poison Creek Trail begins by the aged Town Transit Center. From the stop of Heber Ave we went behind Handle’s and found the paved trail easily (there was even a sign). Check out the screenshot below to acquire your bearings. You can access the trail at a few other spots as well. The trail travels slightly downhill and follows the creek. You can follow the trail as far as you want, but we walked about a mile down and a mile back.As you walk/run/bike/skate along the route of the Poison Creek Trail, you’ll encounter an eclectic mix of artwork, athletic fields, residential, and historic buildings, set against the backdrop of the picturesque mountains, capped in snow or crowned in verdant leaves, depending on the season. During the shoulder season and the colder months, you’ll run into fewer people, but when the summer sun is out, the path draws a myriad of locals and visitors out for a walk, bike ride, jog, or skate. It’s also a great way to tour the town sans car, people watch, and really enjoy Park City’s public spaces.

Iconic Park City Shoe Tree History
It has been a tradition dating back to the 1970’s for locals and visitors alike to toss their shoes into the trees. Why? The plaque commemorating it says that a group of Park City residents were sitting around a campfire having a “few” drinks. A couple of the “boys” decided to throw their shoes into the nearby tree.
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