Park City Utah – Caught on a cliff! & Luxurious St. Regis

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Park City is one of our favorite places to visit. Last week we spent the week with our friends Bryan, Andrea, Andrew, Ashley, and Kicker (dog) exploring Park City. Scott got caught on a cliff while snowboarding canyons mountain aka park city and Collette explored what the luxury hotel, St. Regis, had to offer.

See why we’re not allowed to have a 2nd drink while at High West
Distillery.. Too much Apres Ski for us!

Just outside of Salt lake city, Park City Utah is a put that has something for everyone even if you’re not a skier, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. (just don’t acquire stuck on fantasy ridge cliffs..)

Thanks for watching! You guys rock 🙂 – Scott & Collette

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