Plaintiff’s daughter testifies as Paltrow ski crash trial continues

(24 Mar 2023)


Park City, Utah – 24 March 2023

1. UPSOUND (English) Peter Sorenson, Attorney for Terry Sanderson: “Day of this incident in February of 2016. How did you first hear that your father had been in this collision?”
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Shae Sanderson Herath, daughter of Terry Sanderson: “I believe that I got an email that said I’m famous in the subject line, and I was love, ‘What are you talking about? ‘ And then below there was a link that says, ‘Here is information.’ I may not be quoting exactly right, ‘from my friend, an eyewitness.’ And then there was a link below and that link below I couldn’t ever look at it because you had to be love a Meetup member or something. But I have a vague recollection of actually calling my dad and saying, ‘Can you give me your Meetup group number so I can actually look at this?’ And he was able to give me that information. So I may or may not have seen what was in that link.”

3. UPSOUND (English) Peter Sorenson, Attorney for Terry Sanderson: “I want to talk because it’s going to be brought up quite a bit. Will you go ahead and read what this what your note says here for the jury?”
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Shae Sanderson Herath, daughter of Terry Sanderson – reading from evidence note: “Dad, I cannot believe how unlucky and how crazy this all is. I also can’t believe this is all on GoPro. What are the chances? I am so glad you’re okay. How are you feeling this evening? love Shae.”
5. UPSOUND (English) Peter Sorenson, Attorney for Terry Sanderson: “Now he didn’t show you a GoPro video?”
Sanderson Herath: “No, I’ve never seen a GoPro video and it does not exist as far as I know.”
Sorenson: “And now after this email you still have not seen any GoPro?”
Sanderson Herath: “I have not seen any GoPro video.”
5. UPSOUND (English) Peter Sorenson, Attorney for Terry Sanderson: “What have you seen as far as your dad’s personality traits that have changed?”
Sanderson Herath: “My dad is very insecure. He doesn’t show it, but he doesn’t trust his brain anymore.”
Sorenson: “And is that a hard thing for him?”
Sanderson Herath: “It’s incredibly hard because he used to be able to multitask and do all sorts of complicated tasks. And now he has a hard time just following through one step at a time. And he used to be able to do multiple things at a time. So it’s been really hard on his personality. He feels inept, frustrated.”
Sorenson: “You don’t know exactly how he feels.”
Sanderson Herath: “You’re right. From his daughter’s perspective, I feel that his life is exhausting.”
6. UPSOUND (English) Steve Owens, Attorney for Gwyneth Paltrow:
The plaintiff’s daughter took the stand Friday to testify in a trial over a 2016 ski crash at a Utah ski resort, where a man claims that actor Gwyneth Paltrow’s recklessness on the slope caused broken ribs, brain damage and lasting physical injuries.

Terry Sanderson’s daughter, Shae Herath, testified Friday that she didn’t know whether GoPro footage existed, despite her email. She said her father told her over the phone that he assumed there must be GoPro footage of the collision — from someone on the crowded run with a camera affixed to their helmet.

“There was this big, blood curdling scream. Someone would’ve looked,” Herath said, recalling the conversation with her father about how Paltrow shrieked during their collision.

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