Real World Dashcam Trucking live from Dodge City KS to Boonville Missouri 11/18/22

This is my life behind the wheel in a big rig. Live daily #dashcam #trucking videos of life as a truck driver and I invite you to come #ridealong every day and watch our family friendly #livestream. When we acquire the opportunity we also love to train watching for the railfans and do some truck spotting. If Your curious about trucking or life on the road join our live and chat .

I’m Bobby your host. My Girlfriend Tasha & with our Guard Dog Haber.
We give you a look at what our daily life is love on the road. We drive America’s interstates, major highways and 2 lane back roads from the biggest cities to the smallest towns.
we give you a look at the shipping stop to the receiving stop.
Come sit back awhile and enjoy the ride.

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From time to time we will hit a Buffer Zone. that’s do to the love of Cell Towers in that area.  Just hit refresh or wait until it returns

​If Mute is on, It means Bobby on Phone or Talking with Tasha

Haber is the third co-driver on board  you’ll here him Bark his commands Obey them.

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