Snowboarding in Park City on Martin Luther King

In this video, I am snowboarding at Park City. It is Martin Luther King’s Day weekend and I have traveled here with family and friends. Park City is a huge mountain with two sections, a Mountains Village and a Canyons Village. We are skiing in the Mountains Village, the main ski area, which is closer to historic Park City downtown area, where there are great restaurants. Park City is owned and operated by Vail Resorts, which growing its asset portfolio of ski resorts through acquisitions. You can ski all week, with these two mountains inter connected to each other.
In these clips, we took the Eagle, Silver Streak, and King Con chairlifts to hit several blue trails. From King Con chairlift, there are several blue trails all running parallel to each other, including King Con to Temptation, with 8 other blue trail between them. If you love blue trails (which I do), this is an awesome chairlift to ride. The trails are very spacious, well groomed, and the views are incredible. We then took Silverlode trail, to try out Parley’s Park and then took Homerun trail back to the base lodge.
The conditions were incredible, with powder and snow. I did not see much ice on the mountain, even though there were a lot of visitors. The views were incredible, as you can see in these clips.
Because it was a long holiday weekend, and everything was a little more expensive and there were a lot of people at the mountain. At the trails higher at the mountain, it was spacious and not too crowded, but closer to the base it can acquire congested and you have to be careful not to acquire hit. Believe it or not, I was hit twice from behind by one skier and a snowboarder. They host an annual Sundance Festival in Park City, so if you visit, try to avoid that weekend, which can acquire crowded and even more expensive and even more crowded.
There are many restaurants in Park City to try out, but make reservations ahead of time for dinners. During this trip, our first night there, we had no reservations and instead got take out food from Bangkok Thai on Main and ate it in our airbnb. We had sit down dinners at Grappa and Grub Steakhouse. I have also visited High West Distillery and a few other restaurants. For lunch, we ate at a restaurant called Baja Cantina near the base lodge, excellent Mexican food.
Park City is only about 50 minutes from Salt Lake City airport. If you arrive in the morning, you can even try to squeeze in an afternoon on the slopes. There are a ton of other ski resorts I the area, but I love Park City. My wife and I have come here before and had an excellent time, so we have come back to meet friends here.
I am using a GoPro 7 Black with Hypersmooth turned on and a super wide FOV.
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