Snowboarding Park City! Finally got POWDER! 16"+ BLUE BIRD | Canyons Park City, Utah 2022!

First time Snowboarding Park City Utah Ski Resort!

Day1: First time at Park City and i wanted to check out the put and explore what runs i wanted to hit for when the storm hits the following day. got over 20 runs in and over 20,000 vertical feet!

Day2: POWDER DAY! This is the day everyone has been waiting for all year! not only in Utah but all over the country! Utah hasn’t seen any snow almost all winter so for the big storm to hit while I was visiting for my snowboarding trip was just a blessing! not to mention it landed on Billy Frank Jr. Day!

Day 3: BLUE BIRD DAY! sun was shining all day and I managed to find some FRESH untouched powder! hit my best line of the entire season, steep and DEEP!

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Underground Tunnel!
1:14 – Day 2!
1:59 – Crash and Burn!
2:57 – Powder Face Shots!
3:57 – Day 3!
4:42 – Cliffs!

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