Martha transitioned to a Sunrise Senior Living community after the passing of her husband. The comfortable, home-like environment and cordial staff of Sunrise eased the difficult time and gave her daughters peace of mind. Hear Martha’s story about her experience at a Sunrise assisted living home.

Bringing up the topic of transitioning a loved one to a senior care home can be difficult. Visit the Sunrise Senior Living blog for tips on how to start the conversation:

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  1. Deena Neste Martin

    Thank you.  I love this video.  It depicts the REAL feeling of these people both during the time of move-in and after.  I think they speak for the majority of residents in IL/AL  – it was difficult to make this move BUT it was the right decision.  It is clear, Sunrise has made a real difference in the lives of both Martha and her daughter.

    I applaud you Sunrise!  Nicely done!