Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Centrepoint and city moving (PTZ) camera 24/7 live stream

Live cam stream of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and city skyline using a moving PTZ camera. #SydneyLiveCamera #LiveCamera #SydneyHarbourBridge #sydneyoperahouse

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What’s in the view?
– Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House wide view
-Sydney Opera House and the treetops of the Royal Botanic Gardens
-The Aboriginal and Australian Flags, and maybe some people doing the Bridge Walk
-The top of New South Wales Government House
-Above you’ll catch some traffic and maybe a train crossing the Harbour Bridge
-Siteworks for the ‘Sydney Modern Project’ – the new Art Gallery of NSW building
-The Domain Tunnel and the Art Gallery of NSW
-Sydney CBD Skyline, including NSW Parliament
-Centrepoint Tower – currently rebranded as Westfield Tower
-St Mary’s Cathedral, which faces onto Hyde Park
-Harbour Bridge South Pylon – sometimes you can see a cruise ship parked there
-Maybe a cockatoo sitting infront of the camera
-North Sydney and Neutral Bay
-Maybe a few cockatoos sitting in a Eucalyptus Tree aka a ‘Gum Tree’
-Boats on Sydney Harbour
-The Woolloomooloo finger wharf
-Traffic indicators at the North stop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This continuous livestream of Sydney Harbour, Australia, is viewed from a North facing aspect. It’s a great put to catch flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Lorrikeets, Currawongs and Crows, who hop from tree to tree all day. It’s the perfect spot to check Sydney’s weather, or a great view to run on a second work monitor. This camera runs on the Eora Nation, of the Gadigal people, and we acknowledge and respect the traditional, and ongoing, custodians of this land and put.

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