Tales From The Village – Sunshine Village – 2023

Year five of our collaboration with SRD and Sunshine Village. Here is a sample of what went down over three days in the Bow Valley.

Filmed and edited by: JJ Westbury & Finn Westbury

Additional filming by: Alex Bielawski, Jesse Jarrett, Seb Judge & Brett Mills

Riders in order of appearance: Gregor Zed, Eric Martin, Vinny Laz, Lucas Levan, Spencer Macaulay, Lucas Comeau, Kalin Fairgrieve-Park, Jon Chew, Ryan Wells, Rob Wells, Laura Rogoski, George Malcom, Josh Reeves, Geremy Guido, Jesse Jarrett, Quin Ellul, Michael Modesti, Finn Westbury, Mark Goodall, Jenaya Jenkins, Brett Mills, Adel Talyspayeva, Isaiah Scott, Stefan “Taco” Alvarez, Bryan Bowler, Tommy Van, JJ Westbury, Matt Tam, Jake Whitburn, Keenan Demchuk, Justin Brisson, Ian Scherrer, Louie Arrigoni, William Fraser & Tanner Davidson

Thanks to Sunshine Village and Salomon Snowboards for making this event possible.

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