The 4th Annual Black Friday Live Stream-a-thon: Ask Kevin Anything Stream 3

It’s late, you probably haven’t won anything for Black Friday yet. We’re answering your questions, we’re giving away some snowboards and other prizes, we’re stoking you guys out, and of course the prodigal son Kevin has returned.

Here’s the rules: Your questions will acquire answered and keep it gear/snowboard culture related.
Superchats acquire a spin of the wheel and the wheel is being stacked in everyone’s favor.
There are specific types of questions that will acquire people a spin of the wheel, unfortunately you won’t know till I say hey that’s one of the special questions. These will change based on which live stream we’re in.
acquire spammy, acquire booted.
Don’t be a dick if you don’t win something, we’re giving away something between 4 and 10 snowboards for the day as well as countless other prizes and there’s always a couple hundred people that come to this event.
Yes we will ship internationally for this.
You are responsible for claiming your prize and have till Tuesday November 29th 2022 to claim it.
To claim a prize you will need to email with a filled in subject line of what prize you won, then put your mailing/shipping address as well as your user name. If there is any discrepancy it is our sole discretion to determine if you deserve the prize or not. Yeah that sucks, but it is what it is.

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Come On Irene:

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber

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