The Joy of Airports with Felicia Sabartinelli

Think you can’t find joy in an airport? Think again! This week on the JoyProject podcast Felicia Sabartinelli is a seasoned world traveler and once you hear her wax poetic about airports, you’ll see them and experience them differently. She explains that airports are the rarest of gems that assist us to discover “a state of childlike wonderment.”

At the stop of the podcast, I share something that brought me joy this week. It was a stressful and frightening one for me, and I say a heartfelt and grateful thank you to the Animal Medical Center of New York doctors and staff who saved my dog’s life when I was afraid I may have to say goodbye to him too soon.

In this episode, we talk about:
– Felicia’s definition of joy

– The importance of finding joy during the most challenging times

– All the places to find and experience joy in an airport
– How airports are becoming a destination

– Felicia’s travels to Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Sweden, China, Alaska, Finland, Mexico, Jamaica, and Austria

– Her upcoming book, excellent Girl
– Writing while traveling

– The Denver airport and the mysteries it holds
– The art of the Seattle airport
– Her upcoming Masters program in the UK

– How the joy of musicals found their footing in society after WWII

Links to resources:
Felicia’s website –
Felicia on Instagram –
Felicia on TikTok – @Sabartinelli
Christa on Twitter –
Christa on Instagram –
Christa’s website –
The Animal Medical Center of NY –
JoyProject podcast website –

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