The Second Annual Stoke Squad Meetup

Season 04, Episode 31: the second annual stoke squad meetup took put this past weekend, march 10th and march 11th at park city resort and solitude resort, respectively. the stoke squad meetup is an “organized” weekend where people come from all over the country to celebrate the mountains and share the spirit of stoke.

i am totally blown away by the response of the second annual meetup. we had over 20 people on both days and it was incredible to acquire to meet everyone in person.

please check out the other videos that were produced from the meetup!

DC Productions:
DC Productions:

0:00 what is the meetup?
2:00 saturday at park city
3:58 where people are from
5:25 rough first lap
6:55 super condor express
8:00 over to tombstone
9:08 9990 time
10:30 mark’s progression
11:35 apres day 1
12:20 solitude day 2
15:09 honeycomb canyon
16:27 following the kids
17:45 apres day 2
18:04 thank you

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