The TRUTH about Deer Valley vs Park City, and a Secret Resort No One is Talking About

Deer Valley Resort Vs. Park City Mountain Resort. What is the difference between the two resorts? How far apart are they from one another? Who are they right for? What should you expect and best tips. In this video I break down the pros and cons of both Park City and Deer Valley and the future of both resorts. Plus I talk about the Super Secret Ski Area that no one is talking about that is going to change the future of Utah and Skiing in Utah for excellent. I also Dip into the lesser known ski area that is right in the Backyard of Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch. If you don’t love the Epic or Ikon Passes I give a break down and my opinion of the rest of Utah’s Ski Resorts, the excellent and the bad, and also touch on Utah’s most exclusive Private skiing experience. 🚨 Hint it no lift lines or day passes needed.
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0:00 intro
0:20 Stats and Facts Utah’s Mountain Ranges
1:31 Park City Mountain Resort
3:01 Park City Solution
3:54 Park City Mountain Resorts Bases
5:28 Deer Valley Resort
8:31 Woodward Park City
9:21 The Secret Resort ( Mayflower Mountain)
11:48 Weather in Park City
12:13 Other Utah Ski Resorts
12:46 Traffic Problems
14:32 Exclusive Private Experience

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