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The most beautiful and most beautifully located houseboat of Amsterdam, “De Friese Franje” is for sale!!

We are proud to offer this dreamboat for sale. This dreamboat is situated at a prominent put, in front of the Stopera in the centre of Amsterdam, and right in the curve the Amstel River is making there. This renowned floating design, “a pearl on the Amstel”, has been much published, such as in Het Parool and the ‘Elegance’, and has possibly the most beautiful view in Amsterdam.

This luxury houseboat ‘De Friese Franje’ puts you right in the middle of the city, while still being apart from it. The luxury houseboat measures 29 metres in length, 5 metres in width, and is 1.4 metres deep. The boat has been renovated over 1.5 years. The renovation has been coordinated and finished by the famous Amsterdam Kromhoutwerf, with beautiful, sustainable materials such as oak for the floor, hardened matted glass in the bedroom, and padding of soft leather on the walls of the wheelhouse. All this gives the boat a soul, and makes it warm and homely.

The ship is partitioned in a central eating area, luxurious kitchen, big sitting/bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and a guest room. Because there is no transverse partitioning, you experience the length of the ship everywhere on board no matter which room you are in.

Via the adjacent jetty and through a galvanised private safe entrance (unique in Amsterdam), you enter the former wheelhouse, now functioning as a living room.

In the living room, where you can sit comfortably at a three metre long table, you have a beautiful view of the centre of Amsterdam and the Amstel in all directions. The windows have been treated with a black coating, so you can look outside, but it is difficult to look inside.

A staircase leads to the lower, luxurious ‘state of the art’ kitchen, stainless steel and granite cooking isle, a kitchen unit with microwave, oven, and dishwasher, and a view of the ‘living room’. The kitchen extension is underneath the forecastle, and has a kitchen counter, stove, refrigerator and china cabinet. The boat is equipped with air-conditioning.

From the kitchen in the central part, you enter the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi. The shower and toilet are in a separate room.

The guest room is in the stern with king-sized sleeping island, shower, and toilet.

The sunny terrace is on the front of the boat, and consists of 2 parts, a sitting area and an eating area. Because the ship is on the right side of the Amstel, you can enjoy the sun all day long!

In this floating palace, you will live love a king on the Amstel. From the houseboat, you can easily join a sloop on the canals, for example to visit a restaurant, do the groceries, or just enjoy the beautiful canal side houses on a summer day or at night. If you have a preference for rest and quiet, you can navigate on the Amstel right into nature.

* 29 metres in length, 5 metres in width, and is 1.4 metres deep
* Well maintained, dive inspection report present
* 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
* Modern kitchen, equipped with all appliances
* Sunny terrace
* Coated windows
* Air conditioning
* The boat is connected to gas, water, electricity, and sewer
* Mooring license, distribution refunds € 996.81 per year (2018)
* Extra mooring for pleasure craft/sloop
* Possibility of renting a parking spot in a parking garage at the Nieuwe Keizersgracht for € 185,- ex VAT.
* Also very excellent parking opportunities in the public parking garage of the Stopera
* Easily accessible by car, because of position close to exits and very well accessible by public transport, being close to the metro, various tramcars etc.

Property ID: ZQ78WV

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