Unique ways to Spontaneously Travel Interview with Ben Sloan – S2 E28

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Unique ways to Spontaneously Travel Interview with Ben Sloan – S2 E28

In this episode of the Best Kept Secrets Travel Podcast we will be interviewing Ben Sloan who is 26 years aged and from the North east of England. Ben has been to 37 countries so far and is looking to explore many more. Ben and Morgan met in San Marino and explored this little hidden gem. We talk about how to avoid scams and spontaneously book trips. We also delve into how travel helps to build your confidence and improves your mental health.

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Welcome to the Best Kept Secret Travel podcast Season Two where Morgan and Will uncover the best kept secrets about travel. Whether its how to save money, how to plan a trip and in Season Two we will be interviewing other travellers to hear about their Best Kept Secrets. We have travelled to over 65 countries and have been listened to in over 48 countries so far and want to take you along with us on our journey. If you love the sound of this show then pick an episode and have a listen. If you do enjoy Best Kept Secrets Travel it would really mean a lot to us if you could subscribe and leave us a review on any podcast platforms.

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