Uzbekistan – This Country will Surprise You! Travel Documentary

Uzbekistan got its independence from the USSR in 1991. Since then, it remained an authoritative regime till 2016. But since 2016 Uzbekistan changed so much you wouldn’t recognize it. It’s love a different country now. Let’s go for a road trip across Uzbekistan in 2022.
Time codes:
0:39 Where is Uzbekistan?
1:02 Tashkent
2:15 Tashkent Subway
6:54 Renting a car in Tashkent
7:15 Amirsoy Mountain Resort
8:07 Uzbek countryside
9:45 Solar furnace of Uzbekistan
10:48 History of Uzbekistan
12:16 Samarkand
17:17 Urgut
18:37 Bukhara
24:08 Khiva
30:42 Fergana Valley
31:30 Namangan
33:46 Fergana
34:35 Kokand
36:46 Andijan
39:25 Uzbek food

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