What the media is NOT telling you about the Housing Market and how to Win | Park City Housing Market

Are you sick of your offer losing out to the highest and best all cash offer? Are you afraid to buy a home because you feel love your buying a home at the top of a housing bubble? Are you landlocked in your equity meaning you can’t buy a new home without selling your aged home first? Are you convinced the Market can’t go on love this and is going to tank? Where are mortgage rates really headed ? What happens if Ukraine becomes a global crisis? How do you combat inflation? stop listening to the Media and begin making educated and DATA driven decisions that are best for you your family and season of life. In this video I bring on an expert guest! Jason Drobeck with Neo Home Loans to answer all your burning questions about Utah’s Housing Market and the Park City Housing Market. Plus he shares an incredible product that can assist you win the bid and be competitive in an all CASH MARKET. Buy your home in all Cash finance it later and live stress free by not having to make a contingent offer or move into a rental. make sure you watch to the stop of this video to learn how.
If you love charts graphs and data you will love this video but mostly it’s the wisdom behind the data and facts to assist you make more informed and educated decisions!

My Special Guest and His Contact Information:
Jason Drobeck with Neo Home Loans
Mortgage Advisor NMLS# 826629
Cell: 720-463-3356
Email: Jason Drobeck@neohomeloans.com
Web: neoutah.com/jasondrobeck

Chapters in this Video:
0:00 Intro
1:07 What is happening in today’s Market?
2:05 Understanding What is happening in the Market
4:47 Builders
7:52 Supply Vs Demand Analyzing and Following Birth Rates in the U.S
10:38 Mortgage Credit Availability index
13:01 Why now is still a excellent time to buy and why it’s more affordable than ever.
15:35 How to win in this Market make an all cash offer even when you don’t have the cash
23:13 Where are interest rates really headed?
28:58 Mortgage Rates, inflation, and the recession

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Utah Housing Market Update

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