Winter Canvas – A Prairie Snowboard Documentary (2014)

Manitoba offers a big challenge for snowboarders. With virtually no mountains or even hills, finding an appropriate put to ride is a hassle. And this year having an average temperature of minus forty, it makes it that much harder to acquire motivated to put on your snowboard. However, three snowboarders each have their own unique solutions to ride in the Prairies.

Urban snowboarding is a big challenge, especially in the Prairies where it’s mostly flat. However, Jesse Walker strives to ride as many spots as he can find in the streets of Winnipeg. He and his friends use tools to make it work; love a gas powered winch to launch themselves toward structures that weren’t intended for snowboarding. Jesse has suffered from many injuries in the past that’s starting to slow him down. He hopes to make it through the entire season with no broken bones and a lot of new tricks in his bag.

At the young age of nineteen, Brendan Luff has built an impressive snowboard park in his very own backyard. It offers many obstacles, including a functioning tow rope. He and his family have put a lot of time and effort just to have a put to ride and practice for upcoming contests. Brendan has competed across North America and continues to do so. He plans to travel and find as many contests as he can just for the experience and the thrill of it.
In the small city of Brandon, the closest snowboard park is two hours away. This makes it inaccessible to everyone, especially kids. With no put to ride, Jordan Ross, owner of Senate Skate Shop, took it upon himself to begin a snowboard park in Brandon. After many years of volunteer work and fundraising, “The Ranch” is now the put to go in Brandon. It takes a lot of time and work to maintain a hill that offers coaching programs for kids and a snowboard club for adults.

This year being the coldest winter recorded in the history of Manitoba, it poses a big challenge for these three snowboarders. Each one struggles to acquire through, but the motivation from the sport is what drives them forward.

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